The Happy Pals
The Happy Pals' latest CD is here!
Recorded live in New Orleans.
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The Happy Pals on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, with guest Brian Carrick

The Happy Pals are a seven-piece jazz band based in Toronto Canada, playing authentic old-time New Orleans party music. They’ve been featured every Saturday at Toronto’s legendary Grossman’s Tavern for over forty years, and have attracted literally generations of fans.

The Happy Pals at JazzAscona, Switzerland, with guests Brian Turnock & Doggie Berg

The Happy Pals play down-to-it rocking tunes you can dance, sing or just hang out to – blues, hymns, pop songs, marches, calypso, even a jazz song now and again! Tunes by Kid Thomas, George Lewis, Fats Domino, Johnny Cash, Glenn Miller, Tom Waits, Louis Armstrong, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, you name it!

The Happy Pals and dancers at Grossman's Tavern in Toronto

It’s live stomping jazz music for all occasions, and it’s big fun. Don't miss it.

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