The Happy Pals
A Few Videos


The Happy Pals at Grossman's
"Clarinet Marmalade"



The Happy Pals at Fritzel's Bar, Bourbon Street, New Orleans
"Rip 'Em Up Joe"



The Happy Pals Christmas at Grossman's


We Ain't Rich or Famous But We're the Happy Pals
A Film by Jay Bajaj
This is a feature-length documentary that has been featured at the Montreal International Film Festival,
the Shanghai Film Festival and other screens 'round the world.


The Happy Pals at Grossman's
"I had Someone Else"


The Happy Pals' weekly Second-Line Parade, Mardi-Gras style at Grossman's Tavern.
(Taken on a cell phone, but good fun! Thanks to 858kate.)


The Happy Pals at Grossman's Tavern.
"Blue Moon of Kentucky"


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