A 12U Course (Ontario Curriculum) with lots of Modern Physics!

Many teachers have told me that they would like to include more modern physics in their courses but they have trouble finding the time. They have asked me how I do it. I hope that this will help to answer that question. The course that is described here is the one that I follow and it incorporates most of the lessons described on this site. Anyone who is interested in using any of it is most welcome. If you spot an error, please let me know!

My design of the course was guided by a few key thoughts. The course is divided into 8 Units. The course outline is here. A detailed day by day outline of the course can be found here. (The text references are to Nelson Physics 12: 2003) Extra challenge is provided to the students through the science fair competition in unit 6 and the McMaster Physics Contest which is not directly addressed during class time.

0) How to Learn - 1 day UPDATED AUG. 2016

1) Wave Nature of Light (Unit E) - 10 days UPDATED AUG. 2016

2) Quantum Physics (Unit F) - 10 days UPDATED AUG. 2016

3) Gravitational and Electric Fields (Unit D and bit of C – conservation of energy) - 10 days UPDATED AUG. 2016

4) Fields and Circular Motion (Unit D and a bit of B – circular motion) - 10 days UPDATED AUG 2016

5) Relativity (Unit F and a bit of C – momentum) - 10 days UPDATED AUG 2016

6) Science Fair (Unit A) - 12 days

7) Mathematical Physics (Units B + C) - 10 days UPDATED MARCH 2018

8) Quantum to Cosmos (A review of the entire course) - 12 days UPDATED AUG 2016

Evaluation: Formative and Summative

Some extra physics opportunities in the fall of 2018