This site was inspired by the
Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics (PI)

Physics Education Research (PER)

This goal of this site is to provide lessons that...
1) are ready-to-use and cheap - usually free
2) deal with 'modern' physics - i.e. 1900 - 2015
3) easy-to-use by teachers - teachers can learn the essential physics while checking out the lesson
4) are appropriate for high school students - correct level and curriculum connection
5) involve the students as active learners - not passive recipients.

All the materials on this site are available to anyone who wants to use them or modify them. The material on this website is organized in four ways whcih can be accessed through the menu to the left.

1) Workshops: If you attended one of my workshops. The material that was presented can be found most easily here.

2) 12U Physics Course: This contains the detailed outline and worksheets for my senior physics course. It follows the Ontario Curriculum Guideline topics, but does this in a very different order and with much more modern physics than is usual.

3) Quantum, Relativity, Particle Physics, Astrophysics: These contain individual lessons organized by topic. Most lessons provide three files that are ready to copy, print and modify. There is an Interactive Lecture in a PowerPoint format, a worksheet for the students and a teacher's guide with extra information for the lesson and the answers to the questions in the worksheet. Where ever possible, the lessons use concrete materials for demonstrations, activities or experiments. Where this is not possible - which is often - the lessons make use of data from real research, videos, games, computer simulations and thought experiments. A few of these lessons have been translated into French. I am interested in expanding this and I would like to thank Nanouk Pare, Laure Gia and Juile Lemay who have helped me so far.

4) Resources: There are many free resources to help teach modern physics - many of them online. This section highlights the wonderful people and places that are providing this much-needed support. These resources are integrated into the workshops and lessons above, but these links will allow you to go straight to the source.

Let me know if you find any of this useful. This will give me the energy to keep working on it. Especially, let me know of minor errors and major problems.This will help me improve the resources. I can be contacted with the email address that you would pronounce as "Roberta at Tevlin dot ca". Please, help protect me from spam and don't give this address to sketchy people.

So far, excellent help has been provided by these teachers; John Atherton, Tahira Nasreen, Dan Blanchard, Andrea Misner, Dave Doucette, Tim Langford, Sarah Torrie, Mark Ackersviller, Julie Lemay, Philip Freeman, Robert Prior, Rolly Meisel, Donald Messenger, Laure Ghia, Jusitn Keung and Nanouk Pare. Many of my students have provided corrections for the 12U course and are thanked on the specific pages that they helped with.