The Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics

The Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics is a great source of education and inspiration. For more information about the institute in general go to

The most important opportunities for teachers and students are:

1) Einstein Plus - This is a one-week summer workshop at PI which is amazing! The institute pays for everthing (except travel for out-of-country visitors). You get to work with forty other physics teachers from around the world. You listen to keynote presentations from top researchers. You learn about new ways to teach physics and how to present modern physics at the high school level. You leave with great resources that you can use in your classroom and promote to other teachers in your area.You owe it to yourself to apply.

2) International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP) - This is a two-week session for top students who have just finished grade 11 or 12 physics and are hungry for more. An incredible opportunity and the expenses are covered by PI.

3) Teachers Resource Kits - These are mostly excellent and can be ordered on the PI website for free if you teach in Canada. If you teach outside Canada, you will have to pay. The amount is reasonable and this will help PI to be able to continue producing these kits. The kits are $30 for the print version and $25 for the electronic version. The resources deal with modern physics with lots of hands-on activities and subversive connections to classical curriculum topics. They contain worksheets for students, answers for teachers and lots of ectra information about the physics and the pedagogy. They are the most high school friendly resource that exists anywhere. Most contain materials that can be used with intermediate science students as well as physics students. Most are available in French as well as English. Full disclosure - I worked on many of these and not others. I may be biased. The kits consist of the following:

4) Multimedia Resources:

5) Public Lectures - You and your students can listen to cutting edge researchers talk about their work. The lectures are free and tickets are snapped up almost immediately, but you can watch them by going to the past public lecturers.**Most of the lectures will be too difficult for most of your students. It would be really great to have a bunch of teachers and students go through these and rank them.

Last updated January 2015